Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey mom, 
Don´t worry about me not getting the letter in time.  I figured you weren´t feeling good or something.  So I didn´t think too much about it.  I was just glad Dad wrote me a letter.  Which speaking of Dad, I am pretty surprised to hear he is in the Bishopric.  It is awesome but not something that I was thinking about.  I knew there would be some major changes but wow.  I will say I wasn´t expecting it.  But I am pretty happy for him.  Brother Sorenson or I guess Bishop Sorenson, dad and Brother Moody will make a good Bishopric.  It will just be weird to go home and see Dad sitting on the stand for the whole meeting.  Haha crazy!  But they will do awesome.  It will be also be interesting to go home to a different ward.  But if there is anything I have learned in the mission it is that changes always happen.  We just have to make the most of them.  And tomorrow, I will know where I will be going and with who.  I am definitely ready for a change.  I am actually hoping for a change now.  6 months in one area is a long time.  So I am ready for a change.  Who would have thought those words would ever come out of my mouth!  Haha but well see where the Lord wants to send me and with who.  It should be interesting. 
So easter here is pretty different.  I wrote dad a little about the activites that some people do here.  The Caltholics literally act out the walk of Christ with him carrying the cross and everything.  I definitely am not the biggest fan of that.  That would be so horrible to see and to act out. I don´t know why they would even do something like that.  The members do celebrate it a little different here too.  Its not a very big thing.  They definitely don´t have an easter bunny or anything.  And they really didn´t even have talks about the Resurrection.  They just had all the future missionaries bear their testimonies.  IIt was good, just different.  I like it better in the states.  But it was a good experience to have here.   
And McKenna Snell is going on a mission!  That one was a shocker.  I never imagined her going.  We have a lot of girls leaving from our stake now.  And it all started like a year ago.  It´s crazy but pretty awesome.  She will love the mission! 
Okay and I just want you to know that I really am not thinking too much about school anymore.  I took your counsel to heart and I am not thinking about it.  I am trying to practice my faith that everything will turn out just fine.  But I was just wondering if you could at least check when I would need to reapply and everything for BYU Idaho.  I am thinking I should just go back there and finish.  It really would be the smartest thing to do.  Afterwrds, when I want to get my Masters, I can change schools and go to one in Utah if I want too.  I just don´t want to miss applying to school for the Winter semester.  Please and thank you. 
Also, I was thinking that I would really like every email that I have written you guys and the emails I receive from you guys.  I don´t know if you have thought of doing this but could you print or start printing my letters?   I want to make a book or something of all my letters to have it after the mission.  I don´t want to have to print them all off before I lose my account after the mission. 
So this week was pretty good.  Everyone is feeding us because we have changes soon.  I do feel pretty special because everyone wants us over for dinner before I leave.  It makes me feel pretty loved.  But other than eating the week has been good.  We have this awesome investigator who is the best one I have had yet.  She believes everything we say.  She believed it all like the first time we taught her.  She hasn´t doubted her.  She reads and understands better than anyone else.  She prays and truly knows God will answer her prayers.  And she wants to be baptized.  She knows its the next step for her to take.  The only thing is that her husband wont let her because he thinks we are the biggest cult.  We once taught him and he had so many questions and beliefs about our church.  It was crazy.  Some of the things he said were things I had never heard of before.  But we have the faith and hope that he will change.  Well, that the Lord will change him.  Because her desires are so good.  I can´t imagine the Lord not giving her her desires.  I am figuring she will need to be patient for a while but I feel that one day she will be able to become a member of the church. 
Well, I don´t have a lot of time.  Sorry it´s so short.  There are other things that I would like to write about but I just don´t have time.  I am getting better at writing in my journal though.  I know you will be happy about that.  And i know you will want to read it.  So I am getting better.  I am trying to not go to sleep without writing at least something.  And I haven´t been too bad the last few nights.  I will continue to write so you can read about all the stories that I have had and will have. 
Love you all so much!
Hermana Kylee Fronk

I know you will have just received my other email but I have to tell you I loved the story about the experience that the elders had with Karson´s friend.  The name sounds super familiar but I can´t imagine his face.  I am super proud of Karson and I am just his sister.  I can´t imagine how proud you would be as a mom to hear that story.  That is something that I think will happen to a lot of Karsons friends.  Just his example will be something that will bring a lot of people into the gospel.  He is an awesome young man.  He will be an amazing young elder in his mission too.  I will say, I teared up a little when I read the story.  He is an example to everyone that knows him.  You will have to let me know what happens with this young man.  I am interested in knowing. 
Well love you again and miss you.
P.S.  Not that I am really thinking about this but yesterday we figured we have a month before we call our families!  Holy cow.  Only a month and I will be able to talk to you all!  Time goes by so fast.  I am pretty excited to talk to you guys.  I just hope I don´t have any interesting experiences with my Spanish and English.  haha.  I have a lot with Hermana Manutai.  But we´ll see. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hey dad,

So things are going pretty good. Conference was awesome and I loved every minute of it. I got to watch all 4 sessions... in ENGLISH!!!! I was so happy. It was so good. We only missed a few talks yesterday in the morning because the power went out in the stake center. They put the generator on but it took so long to really work. The power ended up coming back on before they figured out everything. But it was awesome. I really loved the last session. That was the one that I learned the most and felt the Spirit the strongest. I am not sure why but I just felt like all the talks were really for me. I love it when that happens. It teaches me that the Lord does in deed know who I am and what I need when I need it. He sure works in mysterious ways.

You know, I sure love my area but I am pretty ready for a change. 4 changes and 6 months in an area is just a little long. But we have changes in 2 weeks and everyone beats I will go down south into the little villages. I will say, I am ready to leave the city and actually get to know Honduras. But we will see what happens. The Lord knows and soon enough so will I.

So the temple... Well I dont entirely know what exactly is going on with it. But word is that it will be done at the end of the year, in Oct, Nov or Dec. I sure hope so or that would be such a bummer. To miss it by just a few days or weeks would kill me. I bet it will be in Dec. And word is too that Pres Monson will come down to dedicate it. How cool would that be? I dont know if I will get the opportunity to work in it or anything but it will just be cool to say I was serving when it was dedicated. And maybe if Pres Monson comes down the missionaries will have a special conference with him. Ive heard that happens sometimes. But well see.

And now onto my favorite part of writing you :) Yep, its question time. So here it goes - Do you know if the spirit world has temples? When the prophets were writing the Bible and the Book of Mormon, did we ever have 2 prophets in the world at the same time? And thats it. Thanks.

Well I hope you have a great week. Thanks for the letters. I really appreciate them. I love you and miss you!

Your favorite missionary!

Your Favorite Hermana Ever!!!

Hola mi querida familia,

So did you all just love conference like me. I seriously just loved every minute of it. Well of the sessions that I did watch. The light went out in the stake center the Sunday morning session. So we missed about an hour of it. That was kind of a bummer. We missed Rasband, Sister Beck and Elder Christoferson (or at least that was what I was told). But other than that, I loved it. The last session was definitely my favorite session and that was when I felt the Spirit the strongest. I really felt like I was being taught on high. It was a pretty cool experience. It went by way too fast and I was so sad when it was over. But at least we have something to always look forward to. In 6 more months we will have another conference. I will say, I always feel so blessed because of the technology we have. I again got to watch it in English and it was just so nice to be able to listen to their real voices. I have never felt so blessed to have been born speaking English. It is just so much different to be able to hear them actually speak and not listen to a translators voice. I am seriously so grateful to that. Sometimes it makes me wonder what I did in the pre-earth life to be given so many wonderful blessings.

I actually did see Jaylene but none of the other ones. I thought Garrett had left a lot sooner. Where is he going again. And I had forgotten that Jaylene was going on a mission too so I was super suprised to see her. DO you know where she is going? And whats this with David Archeleta serving a mission? I had absolutely no idea! Its the first I have heard about it. I thought he had decided not to serve a mission because of singing and everything but good for him. I am assuming he has his call to serve outside of the states because it would be crazy for him to serve inside where everyone knows him. But then again, you never know what Heavenly Father wants for His children.

So this week was pretty good. I definitely had a good weekend. The week was interesting but in a good way. We taught a few lessons with people that just asked us question after question after question. It was ridiculous. I dont know if I have told you about Elena yet. She lives in a poor part of our area called Ojo de agua. We meet her a couple of weeks ago just walking around and talking to people in this part. She is super recpetive and so positive. She believes all we say without even really thinking about it. She is super awesome. She has 2 little kids and her husband. And man, her husband is quite the man. We had never met him before I think Wednesday. But she had told us about him. He told her never to let the missionaries of the Jehovahs Witnesses, the Mormons, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints into the house. But she let 2 of the 3 into the house. Haha we quickly explained that the latter two were the same. So we met him and at first he didnt want anything to do with us and wouldnt listen to us. I was surprised that he let her listen but hey, we were happy. So we were testifying of the Book of Mormon and pray (we had the ZLs with us on divisions) when all of a sudden her husband comes into the house. He rudely interupts us and just starts springing all sorts of questions on us. Questions that frankly dont really matter for our salvation. But we answered them nonetheless. It was just interesting because with whatever type of answer we had, it didnt satisfy him. So after a while, he started asking the same questions and then we just told him our testimonies. It was such a cool experience though because it really taught me that no one can deny our testimonies. No matter what they think, they cant deny them. I just love the power that our testimonies have. Although he didnt accept us and the message, I know he felt the Spirit. It just breaks me heart though because he wife is one of the prepared ones but she probably wont be able to be baptized until he is converted. And either he will be converted in years or will witness a miracle that will just change his mind and he will be baptized soon. But the Lord knows and now all we need to do it trust in him. We had a couple of these experiences this last week. With just a ton of questions and answering them with our testimonies. None of the people could deny or fight with our testimonies. It is just awesome!

So I am glad that you finally got back into my facebook. What was the password? I cant believe Breann is pregnant and that her sister is getting married! But good for them. That is awesome. I also just got a letter from Mar and she told me that Jessie (from school, if you remember her) is pregnant too. And she just got married in Dec! I was pretty shocked to hear about that. Also, this month, Kendra is getting married. Oh man. Everything crazy happens when I am gone!

Well, I hope you have a great week and that you enjoy the time with the family. Thanks for everything that I know you do for me and for the things that I dont know. You are all just such examples to me and I am so grateful to be apart of your family. Thanks so much. Take care and stay strong. Love you and miss you all.

Love you all!
Your favorite Hermana ever!
Hey mom,

Thanks for the letter this week. What you told me was what I needed to hear. It is very interesting how the Lord works. I have been having a hard time but you helped. A lot. More than you will ever know. So thank you. It is hard having a comp that is leaving in July because all she wants to talk about is what she is going to do, about home, about school, about dating again, etc. Just everything. So I have been thinking about that too and I havent been focusing like I need to be. But I have been praying for help to focus again and to not worry about my life after the mission. I know the Lord will provide a way. Just like 1 Nephi 3:7 says. I am doing the Lords will right now and I know He will provide a way and that I will know what to do. I just need to take your advice and make the mission my number 1 priority. Right now there is nothing more important for me to be doing or to be thinking about. I have promised to Lord to put all I have into this mission and that is exactly what I need to do. I have just lost sight of that lately. But the one thing I love about the gospel is that we can repent and change our lives whenever we want to. He is always there for us just waiting for us to come to him. It reminds me of what the scriptures say. There are so many scriptures that say no matter what we do His hand is always outstrechted towards us. He is doing His part. Now all I need to do is do mine and give Him everything that I have. I only have a short time to serve Him like I am in the mission. He is only asking for 18 months of my life. Really, thinking about it, its not that much time. Its crazy that He only asks me for 18 months and yet, I am promised that if I serve Him with everything, I will receive more blessings than I can imagine as long as I live. And that is a whole lot longer than 18 months. Wow. That is pretty cool to think about. So thank you so much for what you wrote. I really really really appreciate it. It was like an answer to my prayers. Well, it was an answer to my prayers.
Also, thanks for the recipe for the cookies. I am definitely going to make this sometime. I just need time and an oven. And more supplies. We definitely dont have all the things that we have at home. I definitely miss these things. I wanted to write accomodies but I know thats not how you write it. I cant remember how to spell it. How sad is that? How do you spell it anyways? Well if you can even understand what I am trying to say. If not, Ill figure it out when I get home.
I am glad you saw the picturesof the baptism we had. We had a super good weekend. Friday night, two young men got baptized, Axel and Esteven. They were so handsome in their white clothes. They are both around Wyatts age and it just made me excited to see them because it reminded me of Wyatt. They will be such good missionaries. It is always so interesting to me how young men like them can gain a testimony and be converted to the gospel. It just shows me how true the gospel is and how Heavenly Father loves all of His children. He wants everyone to hear and accept His gospel. I know not everyone does and not everyone will but He gives us all the chance. So they were baptized Friday night and it was super good. I am so glad our YMs president is good. As long as he is there with those boys, they will be just fine. Also, Saturday we had a baptism. That was a miracle one! I have been working with him since December. Oh man, he has been one stubborn person. But the work paid off and he put his faith in the Lord. About 9 years ago the missionaries taught him and he was baptized but he didnt ever go to church so he was never confirmed. Talk about a missionaries worst nightmare. Well one of them. So one day we, Hna Fabregas and I, were knocking on doors and we found him and he told us what had happened. So we started teaching him. And we just taught and taught and retaught and retaught everything. He read the Book of Mormon in like 3 weeks and liked what he read. He was just nervous to make a decision because of what happened last time. He thought he would do it again. And this whole last week he has just been playing with us because we would always tell him that he is ready to be baptized and then he would always tell us we were crazy. And he would joke around and tell us stuff like you just think I will come on Sunday but what if I dont wake up or I decide I dont want to be a member. Oh man, it was tough with him. But the work paid off and I am so grateful. I know he will be a strong member and that he will stay active. It cam to the point with him that he knew it was true, he was just scared. And it would have broken my heart if he had decided not to be baptized because it would have been like him rejecting the Lord. I cant think of anything more heartbreaking than that. Knowing someone knows its true and yet them slamming the door to it. I know I will never understand how the Lord feels but oh man. I dont want to. I get a glimpse of it when people reject us in the mission when they know its true yet wont make a committment with the Lord. So this weekend was a good weekend.
And I am so excited for this next weekend!!!! General conference!!!! I know it will just be awesome. I cant wait. I also cant believe this will be my second one in the mission and that we are almost in April. Holy cow. But I am excited to be taught by the Spirit and know what I need to do to change or be better. It is going to be great. And it will be even better if we can get our investigators to come. There are some that need to hear the prophets voice to know that we have a living prophet and that he is the mouthpiece for the Lord. There are so many people that just dont understand that. So we are hoping and praying that some of them can come.
Anyways, thanks for the letter again mom. I started crying when I was reading it because it really was just what I needed to hear. I needed someone to tell me to get my mind off of other things and into the mission. And so thanks. I dont know if you felt like you were following the Spirit but you sure were because it was what I needed. I promise I will re-focus myself in the mission and serve the Lord with all I have. I will make Him proud and you guys proud. I dont want to come home with any regrets. I have seen too many missionaries in the wards and stakes I have served in that have regretted things they did and it just messes them up. Granted, the things they did would make any person, missionary or not regret the decisions. So I will be better and serve harder. I wont think about these things during the week. Anyways, I know I have said it a few times but thanks. I really cant describe or express my thanks.
Love you all!!! Yo se que la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es la unica iglesia sobre la faz de la tierra que es verdadera. Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios. Yo se que a nuestro Padre Celestial y a Su Hijo se le aparecieron a Jose Smith y le hablaron. Estoy tan agradecida para tener este conocimiento en mi vida y para ser miembro de este hermoso Evangelio. Estamos en la verdad. Yo se que tenemos un profeta viviente hoy en dia y que el communica con Dios. Dios me ama y me conoce. Quiero decir mas y compartir mas de mi testimonio con ustedes pero no tengo tiempo. Solo se que estoy en Honduras porque Dios quiere que este aqui. Te amo mucho!!!!!
I hope everything is right. I didnt have a lot of time and I want to translate it for you but I cant. Just translate it with some website on internet. Love you!!!
Your favorite hermana,
Hermana Kylee Fronk

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey mom,

I`m sorry to hear that you are sick but thanks for the letter. I hope you feel better!!! I had quite the scare this morning. We actually started writing at 7 this morning because were going to Picacho (a huge statue of Christ) and we have so many missionaries that need to write. Since we are one of the closest set of missionaries, we got the joy of waking up ealier and writing super early. But when I got here and opened my email, I didn`t have anything. So I made one of the Elders start because I just had the faith that if I wrote later I would have an email from you guys. And it worked!!! I am super glad I got an email eventhough you aren`t feeling the best. Thanks :) Dad told me about the funeral and everything. I am glad to know that it went good. I hope that the family is all good. I can only imagine how hard that would be but thanks to the plan of salvation that the Lord has given us, we have the hope to see her again. That is such a blessing and I hope her family feels the love the Lord has for each of them in this hard time. He has given us so much. It really is incredible to me. Haha, tell Nicole thanks for the blog. Well I guess I can just tell her because if she is incharge of my blog she will look at my emails. Thanks Nicole!!! It`s super cute. I love it! And I will send more pictures. I know I am so bad at that. I need to figure out a way that works better because we just don`t have a lot of time to write and send and do everything. But I will get better at it. Next week I will send some pictures. I promise! So this week was good. I am actually really enjoying being in a trio. Maybe because the girls are good missionaries and we just get along. We still haven`t heard anything about her VISA so I am guessing she will be here with us longer than President thought. But that`s all good with me. We had a lot of good lessons and we just had a lot of success. We have 3 baptisms for this weekend and they are so awesome! Finally David is going to be baptized! I am so excited for this. And then we are baptizing 2 kids that are 13. Normally I don`t like baptizing kids because they just don`t have the support from the family but these 2 kids are so awesome and so cute! And the YM`s president is working really hard with us to make sure they are good and are attending church, mutual and all the other activities that go on. So I actually don`t worry about them too much. We also have a few dates for April but they aren`t as positive. But you never know. If I have learned anything is that Heavenly Father can do anything and make anything happen. We just have to be willing to let Him mold and change us. Yesterday was a pretty good day. We had our stake conference and Elder Clayton, Elder Clark, Sister Dibb, and President Packer were the speakers. The 2 Elders spoke in Spanish and the other 2 had voice overs. The conference was pretty good. It was something that I needed. I learned a lot of things that can help me become better and change some things I need to change. I learned about virtue and how to be more virtous and the importance of being virtous. I learned about how we can find the lost sheep of Christ. And needless to say, that had an impact because as missionaries, that is what we are trying to do. It was just a spiritual experience and I loved it. And now I can`t wait for General Conference!! It was just really awesome to me that the 2 Elders were still speaking Spanish. I so want that to happen. I want to be able to speak for the rest of my life. I was actually thinking about being able to speak Spanish a few days ago. It really is such a blessing of God that I can speak Spanish. Of course there are some things that I still need to better and I need to expand my vocabulary and practice, but it`s amazing to me that I can understand almost everything that people say. I can really feel the Lord`s hand in my ability to speak and understand Spanish in just 9 months. On Friday it was my comps birthday, Hna Manutai and it was a pretty fun day. We made lunch with a member and you will never guess what I made her for her "cake"... I made chocolate chip cookies!!! Well we baked it as a cake but still, it was so awesome. I never thought I would ever make that during my mission. It was quite a hit too! The family wants the recipe and absolutely loved it. Little do they know that I just used the recipe from the chocolate chip bag. But I actually do want the recipe that we use to make cookies. When you are feeling better, could you please send me the recipe? Please and thank you. I sure do miss eating the cookies we make. I would sure love it if I could have some when I get home... (hint hint) haha. Who would have thought I would have missed eating those stinking cookies? I mean we only ate them every single sunday because someone at home... Dad... can`t go a week without eating his chocolate chips cookies that he doesn`t even make... Haha but yes, I do miss them. So yeah, I hope her birthday was fun. I tried to make it good because we`re so far from home and the birthday is just different in the mission. I had fun and it wasn`t even my birthday. Anyways, that was about my week. It was pretty good. We have people that are progressing and we are finding new people. We just can`t put a break on the work. I realized it`s really easy to kind of put a break on the work when we have people to teach. Like not work as hard as we can. But that`s just not the way it works. It reminds me of how easy it is to not remember the hand of the Lord in our lives when everything is going well. Then we fall and we remember that He is there and so we turn to Him and humble ourselves and go through the process again. We really are as stubborn as the people in the Book of Mormon sometimes. But just because things are good doens`t mean we don`t need Him in our lives. And just because I have people to teach and that we are doing pretty good doesn`t mean that I should work less. I still need to remember that I still need to work just as hard as I was when I was trying to find these people we are teaching. I hope that makes sense. I understand but I don`t know if I explained it well. Anyways, I love you all. Hope you are all having a good day. Have a good week. Remember the Lord loves us and that He knows us. He is always standing at the door waiting for us to open it and let Him into our lives. He can`t open it for us. Choose the right and remember who you are and what you stand for. (Yes, I know I totally just sounded like mom, but it`s true. These are her words of wisdom for us kids. Listen to her). I miss you all and love you!
Love ya!
Hermana Kylee Fronk
Hey daddio,

Thanks so much for the letter. I opened up my email early but didn`t have anything from you guys. I actually thought for a minute you guys weren`t going to write me. It was quiet the scare. But thanks for the email. I know I can count on getting an email from you guys every week. It`s interesting because now that I am in the mission, I have realized that I have never really talked to you about your mission. I know of a few things but not a whole lot. You better believe that when I get home, we will be sharing some mission stories. I would love to know more about your time and the experiences you had and everything about your time. So be prepared. You have a few months to prepare. I am glad to hear the funeral went well. It`s sad that she is gone but I completely agree with what you shared abuot the plan of salvation. It`s so true and I am so glad for the knowledge that we have as members of this gospel. We have the hope and knowledge of seeing them again. We can live with them if we are righteous. Also, thanks for answering my questions. I don`t have this week but I will continue to have some. Can you send them through dear elder? I know we don`t have all the answers to all the questions that we have but I think that`s what makes life interesting. Plus, when we die we will know more things and our knowledge would increase. I think now we don`t know everything because it`s not time for us to learn or we just wouldn`t understand it. But thanks for trying to answering them. I know this isn`t a very long letter but thanks for the letter. I really do appreciate everything you guys do for me eventhough I am so far from you guys. I can feel your prayers, thoughts, and help all the way down here, in Honduras. The mission is pretty fun, exciting and rewarding. I never thought I would enjoy something like this so much. And I never understood how people could say it was the best 2 year or 18 months of their lives. I never thought I would understand this when I first started but I can see how people say that. I know this will be something I will say when I get home. It is the best time of a persons life because it is the time they grow the most and build a relationship with the Lord. I am truly thankful for this time and for the trust and confidence the Lord has in me.
Love you lots!